How to create an email in QQ Mail with the help of the phone

Hello, friends virtual readers, greetings here with an update of new tutorials on qq mail, it has been a while since new accounts can be created, but today I was trying again, I see that they can be created again, even if you are not On the Asian continent, I hope that it is something that lasts, and not that it is only effective for a moment or that access has been released due to the global emergency that we are experiencing.

1.- The first thing we must do is enter and click Sign Up

qq mail

2.- We fill in all the information requested, username, password containing: capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.

Also add your phone number, first, we look for the country code, it is in Chinese, but you put + and the code for your country and it appears, also add the complete number of our cell phone, in my case it is Ecuador.

We click on the button where it asks us to send us a code, where the arrow in the image points.


3.- Now as you can see on your computers, if you are doing the procedure or here in the image that I leave you, qq no longer send us code, the message in Chinese but you can translate with the Google translator from Google Chrome.

The message indicates that for security you must scan the QR code with the qq mobile application.

qq mail

4.- Now comes what was a little complicated for me, since you cannot read the Chinese language, you must go to your smartphone and download the application on your phone.

qq mail app

In this part it has to be with the same number that was registered on the website, they have to register in the application, what I did was almost always give the first option, everything is in traditional Chinese, at least I did not find them. way to pass it to English or Spanish, until asked me for the phone number, and I got a code to enter and create the qq mail account.

5.- Once you have entered the account from the phone, you must click on the QR symbol that I point out in the following image.

qq mail app

And then 3 options will appear, you must choose the third one that is to scan the code that you left on the web page at the beginning when you started registering.

qq mail

the app scan it and a message like this will appear, choose the second option, and click where it says share with friends.


6.- If you managed to do the whole process, you will already be inside your email in English, I hope you liked the tutorial and that you share it, please, greetings. 

qq mail

How to create an email account using QQMail

In China and most of the Asian countries users take advantage of different online services and platforms, in comparison to those that are more common in America and Europe due to simple culture or more complex issues, such as banning and censorship that just do not let people from these nations to use services more known in the Western Hemisphere.

One case is QQMail, as one of the most known email services in China that practically goes unnoticed in America thanks to Gmail and Outlook, having plenty of advantages and possibilities for users in general, though.

In the next sections of this article we will be teaching you how to create an email account using QQMail, in order to use a platform with plenty of features that works excellent and even has compatible with Android devices, among other benefits as allowing to be set in the Outlook app as another default account.

Getting a new account in QQMail very easily

In order to start creating a new account in QQMail, there are certain steps that must be followed but that result very easy to carry out, giving the chance to enjoy of another email service completely in English, compatible with Android and with the Outlook app from Microsoft.

To start creating the QQMail account, we will access the URL address, using any of your favorite internet browser, such as Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Opera, Safari or another of your choice. A page similar to this must be loaded a few seconds later.


Like this, we will able to see the QQMail homepage and different options available, but the one that actually interests us right now is this one that says “Sign Up”, which will take us to the process of getting the new, being a simple registration procedure.


Another page will be immediately opened in another window or tab, depending on the browser of choice showing the registration page. First, we will enter the nickname we want, a related password to have access to the account in a secure way, along with a valid mobile phone number.


At the moment of introducing the password, the system will require at least 8 characters on it, along with a symbol to make it more secure and no spaces. Three green checkmarks will appear.


Following, when we introduce the mobile phone number and corresponding country of the list, a code space and a “Send” button will appear, and by clicking on such code it will be received on the phone, and then it must be entered on the platform.

qq mail

When the code is entered in the correct way, the next step is to click on the “Sign Up Now” button and in no time a new page will be loaded, where the user can click on the “Login” option and start using the platform very easily.

In this last page, the platforms tells the users that if they do not use the platform in three days, the account will be deleted.


How to play QQ Games from any country in the world

Nowadays, online games are of the most played and searched titles around the world, by players who are looking for to enjoy great possibilities in their computers and even mobile devices as smart phones or tablets, thanks to internet browsers and the corresponding app.

QQ Games is the platform provided by Tencent; a giant Chinesse media enterprise that is earning a great name in the industry of online gaming, with plenty of titles that can be played directly by just having an account.

It is worthy to mention that QQ by Tencent is not only an online game platform, but a complete array of services like social media, news portal, and of course gaming web site, so this means that users will be able to take advantage of a great internet services, through just one account and related credentials.

Now, since Tencent´s QQ Games and email platforms are platform available and centered in China, this is the language that all of the web pages and services have. However, that does not mean that is impossible to play games using the platform overseas or in other continent. Today we are going to be showing you how to play QQ Games from any country in the world.

Creating an account and login in on QQ Games

Actually, it is possible play games at QQ Games from anywhere worldwide with no problem. The only requirements are to have a proper QQ account and be logged in. In this way, it is easy to access different platforms belonging to QQ and the online gaming web site.

In case you do not have a QQ account, you can sign up by following the web page and start completing the registration process by entering nickname, password, and country and phone number. After clicking on “Sign up now” and the mobile phone number entered is verified, you have the account created and ready to go.

qq email

After the account is created, if you access the URL address you will be able to get to the sign in web site, and by entering the nickname or mobile number and the password, you will be logged in on the browser and credentials will be saved.


Accessing QQ Games from anywhere worldwide

Now that we have our QQ account, the next step is to access the gaming platform from the internet browser. To do so, you will enter the URL address in the Google search bar and then you will click on Search, and then you will click on “Translate this page” on the first result.

qq games

In this way, the page will be loaded translated in English, for the best convenience of selecting a game with proper language, since the actual platform is only in Chinese and that is why for many people worldwide is difficult to play QQ Games.

qq game

The only remaining step is to select a game of your choice and start playing, now that the web site is translated.

qq games

Installing the QQ Games client in your PC to play amazing titles

Online games are of the most preferred way for people to entertain themselves and have spare time at any place, since this titles usually do not involve to download anything or install programs or apps on the mobile device, since from the internet browsers the titles can be played with no problem.

There are many online gaming platforms available on the internet to choose from. Nevertheless, one that is relevant and with great games to choose from is the QQ Games website and proper client, which belongs to Tencent and is huge in Asia and China, with millions of active users every day.

In order to be able to play games using QQ Games, the platform offers a proper client or program from which the titles are launched, and today we are going to be teaching you how to install and enjoy amazing titles on your computer or laptop running Windows or Mac OS.

This instructions can be quite valuable, since the client´s instructions and all in all process must be followed in Chinese, but with the easy steps shown here the procedure gets very easy to conclude.

Downloading and installing the QQ Games client on your device

Following an easy process we will be able to download and install the QQ Games client, and like this have access to a great set of titles to enjoy and with multiplayer functionality, all from your computer.

First things first, so in order to start downloading the client we are going to open a new window or tab on the browser of choice, and the we will perform the search of the “QQ Games” website.

qq games

The first result must correspond to the official QQ Games website, which is all in Chinese and if this language is not known, well it can be quite hard or impossible to understand something. Therefore, to deal with this we are going to click on “Translate this Page” above the result.


In a few second, the official QQ Games website should be loaded completely in English, so game titles and options can be understood. Now, from the website it is not possible to play, but the client can be easily downloaded to the computer for installation. To do it, click on the button “Download QQ 2.0” at the top right corner.


Depending on your internet connection, the file will take some seconds to download and then when the browser shows that it is completed, click on the file to run it.

qq email

In a second an installation process will start respecting the QQ Games client. Now, click on the option shown at the bottom right.

qq games

Then, we are going to click on the yellow button with Chinese writing on the bottom right. This will mean that you are agree with the installation and the location on your computer.

qq games

The installation should start and after the bar is finished, the QQ Games client should be installed on your computer.

Now, all there is to do is to enter proper and valid QQ credentials respecting email and password and you will be able to play all available games.

qq mail

Tencent as Developer of QQ Games Releases App to Run PC Titles on Smart Phones

The gaming industry has been growing exponentially over the last years, with titles that now are played by thousands of people online and with streaming purposes, and having battle royale titles great popularity in the last decade, with PUGB, Fortnite, Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile in the last month.

As it happens with the games respecting popular titles and with more and more players worldwide, everyday are designed new gaming technologies to enjoy playing everywhere and with great possibilities.

Tencent, as one of the biggest media, entertainment and gaming companies worldwide, behind brands like QQ, WeChat and others that are quite huge in China has developed a new app to bring the PC gaming experience right in our hands through mobile devices, with a proper platform that improve the experience to a whole new level with no doubt.

And if it was not enough respecting Tencent´s influence in the gaming and media industry in general in China and worldwide, this company is nothing but the owner of Epic as developer of Fortnite, and also owns Riot Games and Supercell, as great names in developing studios in the gaming field.

A new gaming experience with Tencent´s app on PC and Mobile


WeGame is the name of this new app designed by Tencent as main developer, with the purpose of bringing a completely new gaming experience by linking PCs running Windows with mobile devices, with the application acting as a bridge.

In fact, the main functionality of the app is very simple and straightforward; the tool allows to see a game installed and running on a PC, in a smart phone or table, so the game session still on even when the user is not in front of the TV, but in front of their smart phone or tablet, as handhelds that we usually do not leave out of sight.

With WeGame, the gaming running on the PC appears on the screen of the smart phone, and it is possible to keep playing with the use of a physical controller or with virtual buttons of the screen of the device.

Basically, the app carries out a mirroring process in which all that is happening on the computer as main and most powerful device running the game, is showed simply on the screen of the linked phone.

What is needed for WeGame to work properly?

In order for WeGame to work properly, there are a few easy requirements that must be present, so the game can be shown from the PC to the smart phone or tablet. First of all, the computer must run Windows as base operating system, and the phone or tablet to mirror the game should be running Android or iOS, with the WeGame app running on the background.

Secondly, the last and most important requirement is that PC and phone or tablet must be connected to the same WIFI and local connection, so this is a solution designed to be used at home or with domestic approach.