How to create an email in QQ Mail with the help of the phone

Hello, friends virtual readers, greetings here with an update of new tutorials on qq mail, it has been a while since new accounts can be created, but today I was trying again, I see that they can be created again, even if you are not On the Asian continent, I hope that it is something that lasts, and not that it is only effective for a moment or that access has been released due to the global emergency that we are experiencing.

1.- The first thing we must do is enter https://en.mail.qq.com/ and click Sign Up

2.- We fill in all the information requested, username, password containing: capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.

Also add your phone number, first, we look for the country code, it is in Chinese, but you put + and the code for your country and it appears, also add the complete number of our cell phone, in my case it is Ecuador.

We click on the button where it asks us to send us a code, where the arrow in the image points.

3.- Now as you can see on your computers, if you are doing the procedure or here in the image that I leave you, qq no longer send us code, the message in Chinese but you can translate with the Google translator from Google Chrome.

The message indicates that for security you must scan the QR code with the qq mobile application.

4.- Now comes what was a little complicated for me, since you cannot read the Chinese language, you must go to your smartphone and download the application on your phone.

In this part it has to be with the same number that was registered on the website, they have to register in the application, what I did was almost always give the first option, everything is in traditional Chinese, at least I did not find them. way to pass it to English or Spanish, until asked me for the phone number, and I got a code to enter and create the qq mail account.

5.- Once you have entered the account from the phone, you must click on the QR symbol that I point out in the following image.

And then 3 options will appear, you must choose the third one that is to scan the code that you left on the web page at the beginning when you started registering.

the app scan it and a message like this will appear, choose the second option, and click where it says share with friends.

6.- If you managed to do the whole process, you will already be inside your email in English, I hope you liked the tutorial and that you share it, please, greetings. 

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