What is QQ Games?

Tencent is this big Chinese conglomerate of internet-based services in the Asian country, very similar to Google in the western hemisphere but having the same influence in Asia and overseas. One of the most known platforms offered by Tencent is QQ, which is a brand that frames plenty of entertainment and business solutions for the users, with free services across the board.

QQ involves plenty of possibilities and solutions online for free, starting with the email services as the account that works as the main credential to access the other platforms provided by QQ. One great example is the QQ Games web site, which as its name says is focused in entertainment of this sort and online titles that are a trend this days on mobile and local devices, along with consoles.

Learning a little bit more about QQ Games

In definition, QQ Games is the platform that belongs to Tencent that is focused only in online games thousands of players can play at the same time, in matches across the internet to compete. Along with the online feature every title has on this platform, every game is free and is considered casual, so everyone can play the games regardless of their age and devices used to do so.

The key to enjoy all of this games offered by Tencent through QQ relies on the fact that a valid credential is needed respecting QQ Mail, which can be created actually quite easy.

Although QQ Games is completely in Chinese, the web site has an official version in English for better convenience respecting users that speak and read this language worldwide. This entertainment platform is very influential and has managed to store plenty of available games, belonging to many categories.

Searching categories in QQ Games and accessing the web site

To enter the QQ Games website is very simple. You just need to open a new tab on your preferred browser and through the www.qqgame.qq.com the platform will be opened in no time. The main site is in Chinese but accessing from other country will make the site load in English.

qq games

Right underneath the search bar there is the category list shown horizontally, with games that belong to many types and sorts. Arcade games are of the most played in general, and the platforms also offer options to play PC games.

qq games

If we scroll down a little bit the most popular navigation and games belonging to those categories will appear, according to game theme, gameplay and game tag.

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To the side of the popular navigation panel there is the useful function to download the QQ Games client, or otherwise known as the installable software from which users can play and download games from the platform, without the need of an internet browser.

It is possible to download clients for Windows PCs, as well as for mobile devices running Android through the corresponding app.

qq games

And finally, at the bottom of the website are shown the top games of every category, in case the users are looking for something casual to have fun and kill some time.

qq games

Tencent´s game QQ Speed is launched as Speed Drifters by Garena

Tencent is known as one of the most relevant and biggest media and internet-based services company in China and Asia, with millions of users that take advantage of different platforms and online solutions, such as the ones that belong to the QQ branding, such as QQ Mail, QQ Games, QQ Movies and many more.

Unfortunately, Tencent and QQ platforms are not very familiar in the Western Hemisphere, but in China solutions provided by this company are used by millions, especially the gaming platform known as QQ Games, in which thousands of titles are offered to be played online directly on the internet browser, without downloading any other resource.

One of this games offered by QQ Games is one called QQ Speed, belonging to the race and simulation category of titles, which according to Garena as developer has great potential to be relaunched in the United States and other countries, with the name of Speed Drifters after a few changes in the story, graphics and mechanics of the game.

Garena takes Tencent´s QQ Speed game and make it its own

Speed lovers will be able to enjoy of a new title released by Garena, the same developer responsible for great and known games in the mobile segment, such as Free Fire, mobile versions of League of Legends, Age of Empires and many more. This new game is no other than the new version of Tencent´s game known as QQ Speed, but completely redeveloped and redesigned.

The new game is called Speed Drifters and this will be the name of the title for the entire Latin America territory, along with the United States and nations of America as a whole, while the name will be known exactly as it used to in Asia, otherwise QQ Speed.

This new release of the game was thanks to the business relationship Tencent and Garena has as gaming and media developer companies in Asia, so this is how this title is now to be changed and completely redesigned by the company responsible of Free Fire, with completely new visuals, graphics and design and mechanics in general, along with innovative characteristics respecting the online multiplayer mode.

According to the official page of Garena, Speed Drifters is available through preregistration and those players who signed up will be given plenty of reward when the game is finally released in a few weeks.

Characteristics of Speed Drifters as new Garena Game

Speed Drifters will be an amazing racing game compatible with Android and iOS devices, with incredible graphics, realistic mechanics and arcade mode to have fun playing with friends and other players worldwide.

The game is designed to be completed stage by stage, allowing the players to improve vehicles and play different modes. Being for the whole family, racers can throw objects and traps to the other players in the race to get entertained and have a great time. Speed Drifters has amazing lists of cars to unlock and different modes to be completed in many hours of fun on mobile devices.

Play Divine Ring and Legendary Glory at QQ Games

There are amazing games to play at QQ Games, standing out the RPG and battle titles that are enjoyed by thousands of players worldwide, especially in China but generating plenty of interest in other countries of the European and American continents. Example are the games Divine Ring and Legend of Glory.

Divine Ring as the Ultimate RPG

Divine Ring is a role playing game or RPG with amazing graphics, which will remain players of the 2-D visuals historic titles used to have in previous generations of console, but including amazing soundtrack, game modes and of course, an online mode to battle and face other players worldwide.

This RPG involves three combined modes in the game to balance character growth and achievements in levels, Player VS. Player direct confrontation and interaction with the worlds and general progress to unlock secrets and rewards. Scenes and battles are recorded from muti-angle views to be enjoyed after the game.

Divine Ring is a 2-D beautiful RPG game that remains of those released for Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Developed by Eastern Magic, this title includes interesting elements, threatening bosses, great collection of characters and a story behind that will keep players hooked and playing for a while.

Not only Divine Ring is spectacularly similar to RPG from other generations, but it also innovates respecting new game modes available, giving an amazing fighting experience that excites the payers with no doubt, with fantasy and magic elements that are usually incredible from any point of view and offer this incredible story in a game that will keep players several hours having fun.

Legend of Glory

For those looking for a classic original game to play online, Legend of Glory is this battle title that involves plenty of the original elements of this category, but including advantages respecting recent times, such as incredible visuals, a great story behind the characters, great graphics and music that is worthy of being included in a movie, all of this available in this tiny package as a game available at QQ Games.

Come and experience this amazing battle game that is Legend of Glory, with a high definition system and great quality image, different game modes and an online mode that is unprecedented for this type of titles available on the internet, being the only way to know it by actually playing this awesome Legends of Glory title.

In details, Legends of Glory is an on real time battle game that is based on nostalgia released in 2018, with a paradisiac screen, visual features and game modes and realism that current titles are known for at present time. Also, the title combines this classic characteristics with advanced features and technological options and elements respecting weapons and more.

When it comes to battle games, Legends of Glory stands out as a great option to play, providing an amazing and legendary experience, as its title says and giving great options to the players in relation to story, character development, levels and multiplayer options that could not be missed in relation to any title at QQ Games.

Play Baby Paradise and Pinnacle Tanks at QQ Games

QQ Games is right now of the most relevant and searched online games platform on the internet, due to the great set of titles available, in different categories and with amazing possibilities respecting facing multiple players at once to measure skills and progress in the game.

In this case we have Baby Paradise and Pinnacle Tanks; two great titles in which we have to raise a beautiful baby pig pet in the first one, taking care of it and teach it how to play and fight, while in the second one we are going to have amazing battles in powerful tanks that can be improved.

Take care of your pig pet in Baby Paradise

Baby Paradise is this cute and colorful game, in which the user has the responsibility to take care of a beautiful baby pig as a pet, so it must be cleaned, washed, fed and more to make it happy and therefore it can grow properly.

As in any pet game, the player must use tools to maintain it happy in every aspect, in order to earn points and purchase advanced objects that will be able to progress more and more, allowing to get accessories, clothes, food and even venues and places where the pet is going to be happy to be around, growing happy.

Not only that, since in Baby Paradise the player will be able to teach the pet to fight and perform different moves and compete online with other baby pigs. The halls and lobbies where the pets are growing can also be changed and improved.

The babies are able to acquire different skills over time, and there are talented babies that can earn points in mini games faster than others, depending on their type. Such mini games are very fun to play and apart from maintain the pet happy and entertaining, it will allow to earn points to purchase objects and improvements.

qq games

Fight Amazing Wars with Pinnacle Tanks

For those tank lovers out there, Pinnacle Tanks has arrived as an amazing online game that allows the players to drive and control amazing metal beasts in wars, with known models in history like the German Panzer, The 99A, M1A2 and the Mekawa, the Apache and others.

In this title players will fight the most amazing battles in land and also on the air, with choppers as the MI-24 y el Wuzhi-10, along with a great array of lands, weapons and mines that will help to win this war.

With over 100 tanks, war ships, choppers, anti-tanks, aircrafts and other vehicles, Pinnacle Tanks let the players enjoy an amazing battle game that is nothing but excitement, fun and competitive strikes on the field, with the possibility to play in multiplayer and measure forces with others across the world and compare how tanks and aircrafts are improved and more powerful.

Pinnacle Tanks let the users enjoy a competitive game with no doubt, experiencing wars at the very best level and with all the online advantages, amazing graphics and visuals all titles at QQ Games are able to offer.

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Play Seven Souls and the Three Boiled Kingdoms at QQ Games

There are amazing titles to play in the online platform of QQ Games, allowing to enjoy hundreds of options and all of the with online capabilities, all through the QQ Games client that can be installed on PC and laptops running Windows or Macs.

Amazing options to play using this online platform are Seven Souls and the Three Boiled Kingdoms; two amazing stories of fantasy and fight that combine amazing visuals and graphics, great controls and a theme and guideline behind that make them amazing to play, with available hours to enjoy and of course, online possibilities to face in a match other players and measure strength and general progress.

Playing Three Boiled Kingdoms

Specifically, Three Boiled Kingdoms is a game that combines aspects and elements of RPG titles with card games, in which the players play by turns like if it were a board game in real life, so strategy is also involved big time.

This game is very attractive visually-wise, with amazing graphics and punchy colors that make it very enjoyable and really stand out on the screen, with different game modes that take advantage of this graphic features. This title is like an AAA game for PC or mobile devices, but with an online approach that can be enjoyed only using QQ Games and its proper installable client.

Having features of RPG, the Three Boiled Kingdoms is a fighting title as well, where players can face each other by turns, with a great field and following a complete strategy that is very important to win.

Three Boiled Kingdom involves a beautiful 3-D panoramic game, with amazing soundtrack and story, which combines with free trade respecting objects and improves, money earning, online playing and recruitment, in order to win and defeat all the enemies in the three nations that are shown in the game.

qq games

Be a fantasy powerful warrior playing Seven Souls

Seven Souls is an amazing titles that combines RGP style, along with fighting and adventures with incredible graphics, martial arts battles and more characteristics that make of the best and most played titles at QQ Games. With real scenes, team fighting, gold collecting, dragon balls forging and improvement in character´s level, Seven Souls is definitely a gaming experience to have.

Through the Spirit in the game the player is able to forge golden weapons that are very powerful, such as the Yitian sword, or synthetizing other objects and arms that can be very important at the moment of fighting and beat other players.

Across the Six Reigns of Chivalry, the player can unlock other levels to achieve unprecedented progress in the game, such as Legend God, God Patron and obtain Destructor Value to win battles and earn points that can be exchanged for amazing improvements, weapons and armors.

This title means many hours of fun and enjoyment, through a rich experience and many game elements and modes that make the title permanently entertaining, with no end and in perpetual growth for the characters and players in general.

qq games